SAFETY - providing a safe space

We have access to well established Health & Safety Officers who work along side us on many of our event. Their functions include:

  Venue Operations Center (VOC) - Command & Control of emergencies & call taking.

  Pre-Inspections - Ensuring compliance & venue inspections

  Accreditations - Assisting with event application sign-off's for H&S.

  Event Operations Plan - Blue prints for venue layouts, emergency evac, etc

  Communications - Providing 2-way radio's for organisational COMM's

  Risk Assessments - Compliance with Mass Gathering & Sporting Act



Safety Officer

A safety officers role is to ensure not only a safe environment for your event, but also to mitigate risk & liability against your event. The safety officer has to been adequately qualified & accredited within the South African framework. The safety officer will start with risk assessments, pre-event & venue inspections & guide organizers, medical & security in their roles. The entire project is well documented, with contingencies, improvements & sign-off's.

Venue Operations Center

A Venue Operations Center (VOC) is the hub of communications for an event - combining representatives from Health & Safety, Medical, Security & the event organizers to centrally manage the events ongoings. We are able to assist in the setting up of VOC facilities & infrastructures as well as providing communications (radio's, repeaters, tracking).