Rescue Qualified - accessing the trails & terrain...

The ability for medics to access the trails is vital to provide initial care and stabilisation. This means medics needs to be fit and have a natural inclination for the outdoors. With experience, our team has become comfortable with map reading, 4X4ing and accessing participants wherever they me be on the routes...

  Rescue Qualified [High Angle, Swift Water]

   Medical Rescue 4X4's, 1st Responder Motorbikes


Adventure Racing

Our team has assisted during local AR's - requiring several days of roughing in the mountains, being self sufficient, orienteering while trekking racers from strategic points. #AdventureRacing

Mountain ULTRA's

This means hiking into strategic points with gear over many KM's & having the ability to look after your own well being. Remote medicine, requires not only access but special gear as well.

Off the beaten Track

We make use of only the most capable 4X4's to access parts of the trail that only the most avid 4X4 enthusiast would dare. #LandRover #Discovery

One Life, Live It