A-Z Approach

We don't just rock up...Our approach is one of getting involved from the start & ensure that when the start gun goes off - we are on time, in place & adequately rehearsed on the routes, access road & ready for all eventualities.

1. Risk Assessments:

To determine the amount of resources & skills required for your event - we begin with a self audit "Risk Assessment" that provides a score. Based on this, the score indicates a minimum medical requirement. (based on Mass Gathering Act, Sports Act & Disaster management).

2. The Paper Work:

ON acceptance of our quote - we provide you with a "Service Provider Letter" that you can use for municipal sign-off. We further provide all the needed certificates, insurances and license of the medics and our company.

3. Medical Operations Plan

This is the blue-print from which we work. A document contain emergency numbers, roles & responsibilities, various contingencies as well as GPS way points, maps & exits. We distribute this to all the role players, so that we are all on the same page.