Clinical Setting' - for pre-hospital treatment & stabilization

Probably the busiest treatment area of any sport event is over the FINISH LINE. Most runners & riders hold out their discomforts to the bitter end  before seeking our attention. It is for this reason we place a great emphasis on providing a clinical setting where we can triage and treat patients. Our facilities are private, easily visible & furnished.

Resus Ready

First and foremost - our medical tent / facility provides an area for stabilisation of the critically ill & injured. This means having stretchers, oxygen, ECG/AED, monitoring and resuscitation equipment on hand. This is for the marathon runner who absolutely had to finish despite the chest pain for the 10Km...

Primary Health Care (PHC)

We cater for the general well being of participants & spectators, with the understanding that events are often away from civilisation & the local pharmacy. We stock a range of OTC (over the counter) medications that are made available. Furthermore we cater for sanitary & comfort (incl sun block, rehidrate, chaff creams, woman sanitary).


Our Medical Gazebo's are well branded & easily identifiable at even the largest of events. We erect medical signage & directional arrows. Radio COMM's allows the field medics to remain in contact at all times.