Frontier Medix Pty Ltd - Paramedical Support team for events, WC - ZA.

FMX was established in 2016 and born out of the need to provide dedicated & specialised medical support for events. The FMX team supports  the unique sporting environment: trail running, MTB, Triathlons, Adventure Racing, School Sports, Rugby & other outdoor activities that require a medical presence. Based in the Garden Route, South Africa - we look after events across the Western Cape and as far Steynsburg, Augrabies and Springbok. Our business model is exclusively focused towards events - meaning a move away from traditional EMS concepts and providing special access vehicles, adventure medix and other such infrastructures unique to the outdoors.

Jacques - I first envisioned FMX during my time working for private ambulance services and noticing the short falls of 'traditional' ambulance services ability to access the trails and the need for fit, rescue trained medics with the ability to operate in the wilderness.

Special events - supporting festivals, concerts & shows, VIP conferences & delegations, Golfing tournaments, Air Shows, Agricultural, Motor Sport and more...Our focus here is offering a visible medical presence and catering not only for the serious (drips & drugs) but also the general well being of participants, by offering them primary health care, comfort & sanitary.

  Registered & licensed Ambulance services with Dept of Health.

  Qualified & licensed medical staffing with Health Professions Council.

  Providing medical mal-practise insurance & liability cover.

The Bunch

FMX Team

Mo, Rog, Frikkie

Some of the regulars and with a multitude of skills between them. Pic taken during the TransCape event.

High Angle

FMX Team

Jacques, Dan, Roach

Some of the regulars during the Otter Trail Run. Being fit is part of being an adventure medic with an inclination for the outdoors.

Advanced Life Support



One of the originals and has been around from the early days. Full of energy, quirky and the 'grap gat' of the family.

Basic Life Support


Intermediate Life Support

The coordinator, planner and rally the troops. Angi is an ILS (senior medic) having worked her time in road ops and most comfortable working on SOLO1 (our ambulance).



Our getaway driver - who in a previous life raced stock cars. Johan finds his comfort behind the wheel of an ambulance, 4X4 or anything with wheels.


Intermediate Life Support

Senior medic (ILS) with many years 'road op' experience - having worked both public and private sector ambulance services. Frikkie - is qualified in rescue & thrives in the wilderness setting & finds his happy place on the seat of a motorbike in the hills.