For the Organizers

Almost all events that take place in the public or that allow public participation require some form of sign-off and permit. Typically this is obtained from the municipality where your event will be held and can include inspections, response plans and various contingencies to ensure the event is run in a safe & healthy manner.

In terms of the medical support – there are several considerations & atc:

  • The Mass Gathering Act – dealing with safety for large volumes of public gathered persons.
  • Sports Act – dealing with what needs to be in place when offerinf sporting events.
  • Medical Service Provider must be registered within province.

We are able to provide a RISK ASSESSMENT to determine how much medical presence is required at event…

The Things you don’t know about Dehydration.

A Medix perspective

For me – discussions over dehydration have always conjured up pictures of Bear Grylles with a cup of his favorite yellow morning brew – something I am sure we would all like to avoid. As a Medic, next to Cardiac related – dehydration is the biggest serious medical complaint athletes present with over the finish line. Although many articles cover this topic to nauseam we would like to share with you, a more physiological perspective.

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