Trail Running

Trail Running


We have been there and done that - many times.

Medical Rescue 4X4

fully equipped Medical Rescue 4X4 that are geared for all eventualities.

1st Responder Bikes

best for single track & provide quick access to patients.

Medical Tent

Most injuries are dealt with over the finish line - as the runners push themselves to finish.

Trail Medix

to help the runner, you must become the runner!


UHF / VHF radio's where there HSDPA is lost.


Our Projects

Provided support for some of the biggest Trail Runs in the Cape...

  Knysna Forest Marathon - 4500 runners through forest.

  The Otter Trail Run - 42Km of harsh single track.

  Phantom - Night Run through forest.

  Sabrina, Plett - Peak season event.

Tsitikamma ULTRA - 60Km of just forest.